Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Key Points For Scoring Good Marks in JNTU Final Exams

The below given key points will gain you the good marks in jntu final exams. These points are gathered from my experience and also my friends experience and we finally got out with distinction without any single backlog from first to last year.

I hope these points will help you a lot for gaining the good marks in your final exams.
The main key point in the final exams is your HAND WRITING. If your hand writing is good then no problem if not then try to write the words clearly and make sure to keep 3 space gap between each word. Try to avoid making mistakes as the evaluator shouldn’t get irritated with your paper.

How To Score High Marks in University Examinations?

You can easily get 56% to 60% with non-standard text books, but that percentage spoils your career. Reading of standard text book means understanding of subject and makes you present in different manner.

According to me “Passing of university exams is easy, Scoring high marks are difficult”

Here we are giving scoring tips for u, To increase your percentage

1) Examination presentation is different from subject preparation. Even you prepared from non-standard kind of material that should not reflect in your examination paper

2) If you answer two or three questions from standard textbook., definitely you can understand the way of writing and you will present other two questions in that manner (Even though you prepared from non-standard text book).

3) Draw diagrams from standard (or prescribed) text books because non-standard books modifies original figures (Due to copy right problem)

Tips for Scoring Good Marks/Good % in JNTU Final Exams

Hello students,

I know that many of you have got exam jitters, hope these tips will help you..

It is very easy to get good marks in jntu exams, only when you know how..

Firstly, Don't think that you can pass the exams by repeating the question papers or filling the additional with some idiotic stuff.. It is wrong.. please leave this misconception, It wont take you anywhere..

Impress the examiner with your handwriting (It is not mandatory to have a beautiful handwriting, but at least have a hand writing that everyone understands),

Next, show him that you have got some interest in giving the exam and that you have stuff in your brain by writing stuff from textbooks.. Don't write your exams for the sake of anyone, write them to prove your capability..

Never follow All in one answers, examiners have enough brains to find out where your answers come from.. so, at least try to draw diagrams and tabular columns from textbooks..

Use all in one when you wont find the topics in textbook, try to find out answers to all the questions in all in one from text books.., there is no guarantee for all in one answers , follow it at your own risk..

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